Unsere Sprachreise im Schuljahr 2015/16 

Bournemouth 12.-19.12.2015

On Dec. 12th 2016 at noon we, 30 pupils and 3 teachers, met at school to start our trip to Bournemouth, Southengland.

Everybody was excited and anxious to board the bus but had to stow away the luggage and show his/her passport to the teachers first. Finally, at 1.15 p.m. we could start.

It was a long drive through the night until we reached Calais port. When we boarded the ferry, even the sleepiest among us became wide awake again and although it was a windy and cold winter’s night gathered on deck to watch the ferry leave the port for Dover. Still in the dark we arrived one and a half hours later and most travellers took a little nap again until we reached Bournemauth at around 10.00 a.m.

There we were welcomed by a member of Cavendish School and our hosts for the week. Of course, we all were very curious about the latter, but our first impressions were good and we were happy to get to our homes, anyway, to catch some sleep after the 21 hours’ journey.

Only the teachers were unlucky because their rooms weren’t ready yet and they had to spend the day “on the road again”. They visited Bournmouth centre, walked along the beach, found Mary Shelley’s tomb, and finally dropped by at the Mary Shelley’s, the most famous pub in Bournemouth. The fish ‘n chips there were a real treat and the right start into a week of very British experiences.

On Monday morning the bus collected us at various bus stops near our homes, a tour that took about an hour, before we reached Cavendish School a little later than expected. We got a short introduction to the teachers there before we started the week with some English lessons while our teachers planned the activities for the week.

In the afternoon all of us met again to watch “The Maize Runner” at the school assembly room and were surprised how well we could follow the plot already. Afterwards we walked the short distance to the town centre an strolled around the shops and the Christmas market before we were dropped at our homes by the bus again.

On Tuesday we were bound for a full-day trip to Bath with its beautiful Roman baths and home to the famous writer Jane Austen. At Cavendish School we picked up Tony our guide for the day. He was so happy about the plan to visit different museums according to individual choice that he took each group to their museums personally even after the walking tour through town. Of course, there was some time left for individual sightseeing or shopping which meant that some visited the cathedral, some bought souvenirs like famous Bath fudge, and some had the equally famous British afternoon tea. Tired but content with the experience we returned home to our families.

Wednesday started with some English lessons again before we could go on a history trip to Salisbury and Stonehenge. At Salisbury cathedral we had a short guided tour with Jim and could see the oldest existing constitution, the Magna Carta, which King John had had to sign in 1215 and which guaranteed some basic human rights to his barons.

In Salisbury town we could buy Christmas cake and try fish ‘n chips before setting off for Stonehenge. At the ticket office our booking couldn’t be found but after some discussion we got our free tickets for the shuttle bus ride to the monument. We were very impressed and took hundreds of photos but were disappointed because we couldn’t walk round it because of the bad condition of the walking path. At the visitors’ centre we talked to the wardens or tried our strength at a big wobbling rock. The time really flew and most of us were really disappointed when we finally had to leave this magical place.

Thursday was the day most of us had been looking for with the greatest excitement: London at last. We set out very, very early to spend as much time as possible in Britain’s capital. It was a long drive again, even longer due to traffic jams and lots of road works in the city. The excitement grew by the minute while we watched London Eye, Big Ben, or the MI5 Headquarters fly by our eyes. But at long last we could hop off the bus near Trafalgar Square and go on our tour past Westminster, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and finally Piccadilly Circus. There we were allowed to fan out, go window shopping or stroll through Chinatown, look at the beautiful Christmas decorations, or buy some Christmas presents. We could listen to Christmas carols on Trafalgar Square or have some tea at a café.

Late in the evening we returned home and dropped into our beds full of impressions.

With the morning our last day in England had come. It started with packing and stowing our luggage in the bus again before we had six last English lessons at Cavendish. At noon we got our certificates and then could spend some more time in town to do our last Christmas shopping again. In the late afternoon the bus collected us for our trip home. Unfortunately we got into a traffic jam and had to show our passports at Dover port. So we missed our ferry and had to wait for the next which made a long night even longer while we were so looking forward to seeing our families again and embracing them after a trip full of experiences.

And in the end many felt: We would do it again – but home is the best place.

 Some impressions in pictures   >>> Downloads "Schmankerl"